fixx : 1.9

Fixed Bug #798: Changelog comments cause exception as they aren't truncated.

Cannot reproduce Bug #333: Users experiencing login issues using IE7

Fixed Bug #556: When i click on the tabs on the dashboard page, the screen scrolls down the top of the activity list

Fixed Bug #565: After performing a search, when i click on my saved filters the dont work.

Cannot reproduce Bug #571: Chrome CSS mime-type misinterpreted

Fixed Bug #579: Lack of validation on General Settings means invalid settings can be specified

Cannot reproduce Bug #591: Cant re-assign an issue to its creator

Fixed Feature #618: Ability to create a project through the API

Fixed Bug #637: Exception while uploading profile picture

Fixed Bug #640: API documentation incorrectly represents priority weight as string

Fixed Bug #646: Adding a comment without createdAt causes exception

Fixed Bug #649: Delete button not showing in IE8 for project users

Fixed Bug #650: Wrong URL for PUT verb for issues in documentation

Cannot reproduce Bug #712: NPE in User class

Fixed Feature #757: Increase free user limit to 3

Fixed Bug #770: My activity tab not being activated on Dashboard

Fixed Bug #802: Marking a version as released throws an exception if version isnt selected

Fixed Feature #98: Ability to delete projects

Fixed Bug #247: User OpenID must be unique in the system

Fixed Feature #325: Spanish translation of fixx

Wont Fix Bug #335: Problem setting up license key on windows xp

Fixed Bug #569: Javascript error in project administration screen in IE

Fixed Bug #570: Caching problems with project areas

Fixed Improvement #576: Enable setting administrator password during set-up

Fixed Bug #585: Importing from FogBugz throws NPE

Fixed Bug #586: Changelogs not appearing in Dashboard for clients

Fixed Bug #594: View Resolved link from Roadmap does not filter by version

Duplicate Improvement #597: Add a new status filter option for Open & Resolved

Fixed Improvement #607: Modified change logs are not descriptive at all

Fixed Bug #608: Move orphaned issues for released versions into next version

Fixed Feature #609: Time Reporting on a per Area basis

Fixed Feature #610: Delete and close issues improvements

Fixed Feature #612: Private Comments

Fixed Bug #616: Dashboard changelogs not shown for anonymous users

Fixed Feature #617: Enable search, filter & pagination through the API

Fixed Improvement #619: Formatting mark-up retained in e-mail

Fixed Improvement #633: Resolved filter should not show closed issues

Fixed Bug #634: Viewing x of y issues incorrect

Fixed Improvement #636: Improve loading performance of Javascript

Fixed Feature #638: Add ability to switch system language

Fixed Bug #641: Modify API documentation to remove reference to OpenID

Fixed Improvement #645: Overdue issues count on dashboard is wrong

Fixed Bug #651: POST Verb for issues ignores the "closed" element

Fixed Bug #658: Logging time when resolving doesn't accept xx:yy format

Duplicate Bug #690: Change Log - Modify does not display what has been modified.

Fixed Improvement #717: Can we make buttons in fixx super awesome?

Fixed Feature #740: Import from Unfuddle

Fixed Bug #743: Tag cloud does not bring back issues relating only to the project

Fixed Bug #747: Regession, the superfish menu has broken the css for the search box

Fixed Bug #748: The versions tab on the project screen fails in IE7

Fixed Bug #776: Change log does not log correctly with no description

Fixed Improvement #96: Provider hover-over tooltip information for issue links

Fixed Improvement #303: Archive Projects show blank screens when trying to add areas, version etc. and no explaination is given.

Cannot reproduce Bug #494: Duplicate names in "Assigned to" drop down

Fixed Bug #495: Random blank view

Wont Fix Improvement #526: Sort affected and fix for versions by release date

Fixed Improvement #558: Issue created e-mail does not include issue title

Fixed Improvement #587: Low contrast on create new issue button not helping visibility

Fixed Improvement #588: "Assigned to me" filter redundant for clients

Cannot reproduce Bug #592: User name appearing twice in dropdown

Fixed Improvement #593: Show the number of issues returned by the filter or query

Fixed Bug #598: Comments not being escaped

Duplicate Bug #599: Search persists after I click another filter.

Fixed Improvement #605: Remove duplicate comments on changelogs

Fixed Bug #642: hideFromClients attribute is undocumented

Cannot reproduce Bug #643: Issue types do not return description in API

Fixed Improvement #656: Defaulting values when resolving an issue

Fixed Feature #709: Show dropdown list of projects on hover over of Projects tab in menu

Fixed Bug #731: Cloning a project doesn't clone the versions

Fixed Bug #808: Invalid i18n key when no images

Fixed Improvement #240: Lightbox effect on attachments

Fixed Task #253: A weighted tag cloud on the Project Overview page